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Does Southwestern Life Insurance company still exist?

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asked Oct 5, 2017 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Southwestern Life Insurance Company offered life, health and accident insurance. It was based in the state of TX. Their license was issued from there, but the company is no longer in existence.

The company was opened in 1980, and it closed in 2006. While the company was in existence it serviced a lot of customers. The attorney that handles the inquiries can be reached at C T Corporation System, 350 North Saint Paul Street, Dallas TX 75201 –4284.

Southwestern Life Insurance Company had merged with several other ones over the years. In some cases, there were fines assessed with this process. This information is good for people that need to trace back their policies to see where they may be at now.

For information about the officers of the past company, a person can call (914)828-8914 for assistance. They can provide any information that is needed about the cancellations of policies and what needs to be done.
answered Oct 9, 2017 by larson82 (1,470)
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