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I am moving to a different county in Florida, do I have to change my insurance?

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1 Answer

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To answer the question of whether you need to change your car insurance if you change the county you live in depends on your insurance company. Most insurance companies that do business in Florida usually cover the whole state, so you only have to provide a change of address to your insurance company. However, rates may change depending on where you movie to. For example moving from an urban area to a rural area may lower your insurance rates. A change in zip codes may also effect your rates. I have heard of some insurance companies that only offer coverage in the panhandle, but even then they still cover you throughout the state as long as you live in the panhandle. I would recommend if you have such an insurance company to call and ask, just to be on the safe side of things. Now if you are moving from a different state to Florida that can be a different story. Not all insurance companies are nationwide. It is just always a good idea to check with your insurance company either way. Better to be safe than sorry.
answered Aug 22, 2017 by sunnyday (340)
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