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Does apartment rental insurance cover vandelism to car?

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asked Jul 5, 2017 by anonymous

1 Answer

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For many renters insurance policies, vandalism to your vehicle most likely won't be covered. However, it is covered under an all-perils renters insurance policy, but make sure to read ALL of the fine print of any agreement before signing it. Depending on the type of insurance you contract with, your property insurance in any state will cover only what is in your four walls or additional items. Obviously the cost of insurance with additional coverage and lower deductible will cost you more annually. The key is to do the math on how much you want to pay monthly in insurance fees versus what your savings account can cover in the event of a loss. Financial advisers will tell you that the most responsible method of managing your spending is to be your own bank. When it comes to insurance, this means that you will want to pay more a month in insurance and have a lower deductible until you have saved enough to cover a higher deductible. Once your savings account is able to cover a higher deductible, you can reduce the amount you spend on your monthly insurance bill and keep more money in your interest baring savings account.

For more information about renters insurance in Texas, see this helpful guide from the Texas Department of Insurance -
answered Jul 6, 2017 by CarInsuranceCowboy (1,360)
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