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i had accident only got driver license number what can i do?

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1 Answer

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Car accident's are an unfortunate occurrence. There are many emotions that you will experience once a car accident happens. It is best to remain calm and to contact the authorities immediately.

By contacting the authorities you will have a written record of what happened. That way, if you forget the other persons name, you can obtain it from the police report. Do not let any party to the accident leave the scene with out obtaining their information.

However, if you forget to get a name, insurance information, or even a phone number, you need to take action immediately. The first step you need to take is contacting your insurance agent. Let them know what happened and when the event took place. Also let them know you only have the drivers license number of the other party involved. Your insurance agent may know how to resolve the issue.

If you have a police report, you can retrieve their information from the report. If you have not already filed a report, do so right away. The police may be able to use the drivers license number to locate the other individual so a proper insurance claim can be submitted. Especially if the other person was at fault.
answered Jun 2, 2017 by teddyx (3,370)
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