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I will get a check from my home insurance but the builder say the damage is under warranty. Can I keep the check?

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Look at it this way. When something goes wrong they will high estimate the cost of replacement (typically). If the individual homeowner is able to find a contractor for cheaper, this means he or she is able to keep the money left over after the deductible price is taken out. You have a warranty. This warranty meant they cover their own costs of it, and the rest of the money the insurance is there for is refunded back to you. A word of caution in this approach, is homeowners insurance can increase by using it. Since this certain thing is under warranty, the check is yours to keep. Insurance companies estimates the value of your loss, not your repairable damages. When in doubt, look at the terms of the insurance. Every once and a while, the bank will have different rules about this, such as proof of work. Much of the time it is just pictures of the work being done, but on other occasions, the bank may request a receipt showing payment.
answered May 24, 2017 by Whitt (1,180)
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