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I got ran off the road and took to the hospital and the cop didnt get the other drivers information. What can I do?

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A guy ran out in front if me and I swerved and missed him running into a tree.( not at a light )

The driver did pull over and also muiple witness came to see if i was okay .I was took to the hospital afterward so I wasn't able to get other drivers information.

After talking to over 5 different people working for the police department, comes to find out the officer didn't get his information also.

I purchase a accident report which only has my information but in the narrative explains the other driver a fault and also shows in a mini picture how it happen.  

I do have contact with 2 of the eyewitness, have started my claim and I've left 3 messages with the police to department to have that officer get in contact with me. I've also request to speak with a supervisor.

What's should I do now?
asked Apr 26, 2017 by BOB

1 Answer

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Texas is a "fault" state where the driver who caused the accident and their insurance company are responsible for paying for damages and medical expenses. If you have not yet reported your accident to your insurance company, you need to do so immediately so that an insurance adjuster can take over your case and the accident investigation. This person will review the police report and speak with you and any available witnesses. As the injured party, you do not need to investigate the matter on your own. Instead, use this time to recuperate.

Once the insurance adjuster finishes evaluating your case, he or she will contact you to outline the next steps you need to take. Unless you were behaving in some fashion that would have made you more than fifty percent responsible for the accident, such as driving while intoxicated or distracted or driving at night without headlights, then the police report that outlines that the other driver was at fault along with your statement, witness testimonies and hospital details should be enough to convince your insurance company that you were not at fault. If this is the outcome, you benefit greatly because the driver who is at fault typically experiences an increase in their insurance premium costs.

Who pays for the damages and medical bills depends on whether your insurance company or the police can locate the other driver. Or, your policy might include extra personal injury protection where your insurer pays part of the costs while it tracks down the other driver and that driver's insurance company. Of course, these scenarios do not always go smoothly. If your insurer says that there is nothing it can do, you should contact an experienced professional local auto accident or personal injury lawyer to pursue the matter further in court.
answered Apr 28, 2017 by InsuranceStar (3,400)
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