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Can owner of a car be sued in Texas if the driver has car insured?

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There are certain situations in Texas where an owner of a vehicle can be sued, even though they have insurance on the vehicle. One of the situations in which an insured owner of the vehicle includes the type of insurance policy it is. If the owner only has a liability only policy, it does not cover the injuries sustained, most of the vehicles damage, or other financial balances occurred during the accident. In another event, if the insured owner of the vehicle lends out their vehicle to another party that is not insured under the policy and an accident occurs, the insurance company reserves the right not to cover the accident. In each of these events the owner of the vehicle will be sued by the other party if the insurance policy will not pay for the accident. The owner of the vehicle can protect themselves by reviewing the policy in detail, getting the best coverage possible, and adds anyone to the policy that drives the vehicle.
answered May 2, 2017 by lawson (1,060)
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