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Person hit my parked car and did not supply how can I get it?

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Person who hit my parked care would not give insurance info - said he would pay for damages -now obvious he doesn't intend to pay. I have liability only, so my agent will not investigate - Police Dept. insists I don't need a police report - agents will handle it - how can I find out his company? (Have name, address, VIN number and supposed policy number) and have reported it to DMV.
asked Apr 12, 2017 by KT

1 Answer

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Car accidents are not the best situations in the world. The other person who is at fault that refuses to give their insurance information doesn't make things easier. There are numerous reasons why people won't give their insurance information after they have caused an accident. Here are some things I would suggest that you do in order to get this person's insurance information.

1. You can contact a lawyer. You can give him information of the location of the accident and the exact appearance of the car. Maybe the lawyer can get access to the video to get the information needed.

2. You can call major insurance companies to see if the other driver have insurance with them.

3. Make sure you file a police report. The police should look at the cameras at the location of the accident to determine who is at fault and the information on the car.

I highly suggest that you speak to a lawyer so that your best interests are protected.
answered Apr 19, 2017 by teddyx (3,370)
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