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Are dividends added to the cash value if I terminate my policy?

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asked Jan 11, 2017 by anonymous

1 Answer

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If you have Missouri life insurance, and your life insurance is terminated, dividends are indeed added to the cash value of your life insurance. This is a way to insure that you get the most out of your policy. If you have life insurance, you may not want to cancel, because this is likely to provide for your family should something happen to you. However, know that you will be paid out in dividends if you should have to cancel. Therefore, it's key to make sure that you know how to get the most for your money with your life insurance. If you have any other questions, please locate a life insurance company and ask them to guide you as you seek to make a decision about what to do with your life insurance. This is key to making sure you have a good policy that you can rely on.
answered Jan 12, 2017 by Nick (670)
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