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Can i return merchandise covered by Renters insurance after Receipt Verification?

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I recently had an insurance claim settled and now i need to replace my property. My question is, can the items i replace be taken back after the receipts are verified? Not to gain cash in hand, but to purchase other things i need with the equity i have in the current merchandise? Ex. I replace a Television, but i already have another working television that wasn't claimed. So, I take that purchase back, after verification from the insurance company, and use that returned amount to purchase a stereo.
asked Nov 30, 2016 by Mr. Walker

1 Answer

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While you could return the merchandise after the receipts are verified, which would be similar to buying the TV and then just selling it at a garage sale, it may not be the most ethical choice. Your policy is there to cover the cost of replacing the lost or damaged asset and, unless it's specifically stated in your policy, there are no real guidelines as to how you are allowed to spend the money. That being said, you should always be cautious of what you lead the insurance company to believe or of lying about your intentions as it may be considered borderline fraudulent. I would advise you to be direct with your insurance agent about your intentions and to also take a close look at your policy to be sure about your rights. As they are still liable for the value of the assets, you may be able to save yourself a step and just get them to write you a check for the value amount. You should price check in your area and send them the cost of replacing everything. This way may take a bit longer to receive payment and you should be wary of them trying to low-ball you, but all around it is likely the safest route.
answered Dec 2, 2016 by insurance1822 (1,700)
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