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I live in Illinois and got a speeding ticket in Wisconsin, will it affect my premiums?

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Many states, including Illinois, belong to the Driver License Compact (DLC), and exchange driver information regarding tickets and accidents. When you receive a ticket in a member state, the citation is put into a database available to all other member states. When insurance companies pull your motor vehicle record they will receive violations in your home state as well as any DLC member states.

When an insurance company pulls your license for a renewal or other risk assessment checks, the ticket you received in Wisconsin will appear, and could result in an increase in your premiums. There are many factors involved in this, including your previous driving history, how far over the speed limit you were traveling, and any other infractions recorded in the incident.

If you want to keep the infraction off your driving record, contact the department of motor vehicles in Wisconsin and ask them if there are any steps you can take to have adjudication withheld. Many states will allow you to remove tickets or points from your driving record by attending a state-recognized driver safety course or offer other methods of avoiding a guilty judgement. If that doesn't work, your next option is to find ways to reduce your premiums in Illinois, such as attending a driver education course or purchasing a car that costs less to insure.

answered Feb 10, 2011 by anonymous
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