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Is Rodney D Young Insurance still in business?

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asked Jan 26, 2016 by George

1 Answer

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Rodney D Young Insurance Company, sometimes referred to as RDY Insurance, is an auto coverage company. Rodney D Young Insurance Company is among the insurance companies being owned by Fred Loya. The insurance company is reported to have merged with the Fred Loya Insurance Company, thus, providing its clients with better services.  It provides auto insurance coverage based on an annual, semi-annual and monthly basis. The company provides insurance policies and products to their clients including homeowners and renters. The company strives to provide quality services to their customers at more affordable prices. The company has its main office located in Texas while other branches are situated in different states. The company strives to provide better services to its clients through the various branches. The current offices in the different states have enabled them to offer high-quality services to their customers.

Despite the hiked auto insurance premiums in the market, Rodney D Young Insurance Company strives to provide their clients insurance products at many affordable prices. The insurance firm does not discriminate on the way they charge an insurance premium to their customers. A more affordable insurance coverage is the primary goal of the insurance company. The insurance firm serves both states where the insurance policy has been made compulsory and those where it is not mandatory to get the insurance coverage. Locates that are being served by the insurance company include Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada and Colorado.

Services offered by each of the branch insurance includes:

  • Homeowners insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Mexico travels insurance
  • Auto insurance

Clients located in Texas are allowed to take advantage of the travel insurance to go to vacations across the border to Mexico without any restrictions. Since its establishment almost six years ago, the company has worked extra hard to provide insurance premiums to individuals having less than stellar driving records.

The insurance company has various branches that are located in different states. Clients have been provided with contact address with which they can easily reach them for consultation on various issues. Customers can also acquire in touch with the company through their website by filling an electronic form that is available online.

The company has also simplified the claim process. Clients can fill the claim form that has been provided online and submit it to the claims agent for a response. Some companies are also available where a customer can visit and make a claim.

The types of insurance cover offered by Rodney D Young Insurance Company

Car insurance is a general term that refers to the various types of insurance coverage and the various factors that influence each one of them. Clients are advised to learn more about the different types of insurance coverage to be able to make informed decisions about how to economically protect their families. The most common types of car insurance coverage include liability, collision, and comprehensive and uninsured motorist coverage.

Under the auto insurance and commercial insurance category, Rodney D Young Insurance Company provides its clients with property coverage, liability coverage, together with medical coverage. The firm also has the homeowner insurance policies that include coverage for liability and damage. The General Liability Protection offered by Rodney D Young Insurance company are:

  • Property damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Products-completed operation
  • Products liability
  • Contractual liability.
  • Borrowed equipment
  • Reasonable Use of Force.
  • Liquor liability
  • Lightning or explosion damage

The insurance requirements differ in the various states, thus, clients are advised to clarify to the insurance agent their state of residence, or to look online for the requirements for acquiring an insurance policy. The insurance company has been awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Clients who are members of the Royal Auto Club are given discounts, and they are given months' worth of free coverage.

answered Jan 27, 2016 by InsuranceStar (3,400)
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