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How can I cancel my renters insurance after moving out my apartment?

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If you combine households, purchase a new policy, or purchase a home, you may no longer need your renter's policy and may need to cancel your insurance. The easiest method to cancel renter's insurance is to contact the company or sales agent directly and request your policy be canceled. The phone number to your sales agent or broker and the company issuing the policy are generally listed directly on the policy, as well as any billing statement you may have received. Do take note that you generally have to speak with a person for this to be done. Leaving a message is not considered binding and oftentimes will delay your cancellation. Other options for canceling a policy include sending a letter in writing requesting the cancellation directly to the insurance company (your policy will generally be cancelled on the date this is received) or providing the company evidence you are covered under a new policy (sending a copy of a declarations page with a request to cancel the policy will generally result in the policy being canceled just prior to the inception of the new policy).

If you are simply moving from one apartment to another, you can often transfer your policy and maintain coverage. If you are combining households with another individual, be sure to request your name be added to the policy and ensure that the limits of the policy are adequate to cover everyone's belongings. If you purchase a home, oftentimes companies that sell renter's insurance can provide you with home-owner's insurance as well.
answered Jan 6, 2016 by Kris (1,110)
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