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I just found out I'm pregnant and don't have insurance. Is there any way I can get insured?

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You are probably not going to get insurance through ordinary group coverage, such as through an employer, unless your insurance eligibility predates the pregnancy. You may be able to secure special prenatal care through group insurance. Pregnancies can be expensive, and insurance companies are reluctant to accept new customers who are already pregnant, but this exclusion is forbidden in some areas, so check your local laws. Where health insurance is unable to help, government agencies can make a big difference.

Getting proper prenatal care is important to the development of a baby. If you are not able to get group or individual health care insurance, there is some assistance available. Many group insurance plans will not accept pregnancies for coverage, treating them as pre-existing conditions that are excluded.

The first thing to do is to contact Medicaid, a government agency that provides assistance to low income individuals. Next, another department that is focused on pregnant women and their young children is WIC (Women, Infants, & Children). This is another government agency and you will be referred there by the Medicaid office.

Some insurance companies offer prenatal insurance. This helps offset the costs of regular examinations, prenatal vitamins and early pediatric care. The good news is that whether you are covered in a group, or individually, the care your baby need will be available.

answered Oct 19, 2010 by anonymous
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