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How can I know that the life insurance rates offerred are legitimate and a good choice?

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asked Jul 17, 2015 by Douglas

1 Answer

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The beauty of buying life insurance is that you can compare insurance offerings to see which one fits your needs and which ones have a suspicious nature. The rule of thumb, in insurance as well as other financial actions, is that an offer which looks too good to be true probably isn't. A little shopping before you buy will reveal insurance offers that are probably legitimate and give you more options to choose from. To further verify the legitimacy of the policy, check the financial rating of the company offering it, and limit your options to companies which are highly rated.

Shopping around is the best protection of the consumer. If you start out with free online life insurance quotes from this website, you will have enough information to make a more informed financial choice. Since this website's free online life insurance quotes provide you with our best offering and multiple comparison quotes, you can see at a glance how much a policy is likely to cost. Keep in mind that your actual premiums will not be determined until you have had a medical exam, and the quote you receive online is merely an approximation of what you will have to pay.

Insurance companies come and go, and even those which survive for decades or centuries go through periods of financial gains and losses. To make sure that you are buying a life insurance policy from a company with a solid financial foundation, use A.M. Best ratings found with life insurance reviews. A.M. Best provides ratings for financial institutions, including insurance companies, using a simple letter grade. A++ is the highest grade available, and you would do well to limit your life insurance choices to companies with an A, A+, or A++ rating. A.M. Best also grades insurance companies on their long-term outlook using the same grading scale, and that is a good indicator for life insurance because of the long term nature of the contract.

answered Jul 20, 2015 by anonymous
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