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Is CoverHound a good insurance company?

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With the huge number of insurers in the US, it's no wonder that many consumers find it a hassle to compare rates and coverage. This is where CoverHound Insurance comes in: the company aims to simplify shopping for auto, rental, homeowners, and motorcycle insurance, streamline the process, and protect consumer data from being overshared. This last point is what an increasing number of people looking to buy insurance find appealing. On most insurance shopping websites, one must enter a series of personal information in order to receive quotes or look at policies. The downside? All of that data is typically sold to other companies or harvested as sales leads. With CoverHound, consumers don't have to worry about their personal information being sold off to a bunch of other entities.

What They Offer

Technically, CoverHound isn't an insurance carrier since it does not underwrite insurance or issue policies. It's best to think of CoverHound as an insurance broker that helps consumers shop for insurance, compare rates, and negotiate the best policies for their individual needs. As mentioned before, they're also committed to keeping personal data and information safe from harvesting or being sold to third-parties -- which is a definite plus for many consumers.

Part of CoverHound's service includes offering users recommendations on insurance policies, providing technical assistance for those who need it, offering licensed insurance advisors for users who need more information, and publishing studies related to insurance industry trends.

How CoverHound Works

Because it is more similar to an insurance brokerage than an insurance carrier, CoverHound works with a network of actual insurance companies in order to present various rates and policies to its users. Here's how it works: consumers go to CoverHound's website, enter the data needed to generate a personalized list of insurance rates, and the CoverHound system presents a list of policies categorized by price and type of coverage. Users are then able to purchase a policy, ask for more information before buying, or save their list of quotes for later. CoverHound has top insurance companies within its network, including Progressive, esurance, Safeco, Travelers, and The Hartford. It is available to consumers in all 50 states, and there is no fee to use the service.

Anyone looking to buy auto, homeowners, motorcycle, or rental insurance who wants to see many different quotes before buying coverage will likely find CoverHound's service useful. Those who don't want to do a lot of shopping around, or who already know the insurer they want to work with, would be better off going directly to their preferred insurance company and skipping the middleman.

answered Aug 3, 2015 by anonymous
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