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Can i get life insurance for a person that lives in mexico?

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asked Jul 14, 2015 by Candy

1 Answer

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Many people seek out insurance companies in the United States to get life insurance for those who do not live permanently within its borders as a lot of U.S. life insurance companies offer better products than carriers in other countries. That said, the stability of another country's government and its overall status, including whether there is social unrest, high crime rates and/or war taking place, influence the ability of someone who is not living in the United States to can get a life insurance policy from a U.S. insurer. Some foreign countries also do not permit their residents to get life insurance policies in other countries. Mexico is thankfully not one of those countries.

Most insurance companies in the United States do not care if the person on a policy lives in Mexico as long as that person has lasting personal, educational or business ties to the United States. A foreign national, also known as a non-U.S. resident, who lives for more than three months primarily in Mexico -- his/her primary residence -- can have a U.S. life insurance policy under certain conditions: The person must come to the state in the United States where he or she has lasting ties to complete the application face-to-face with an insurance agent and get a medical exam from a U.S. doctor. The person must usually remain in that state at the address listed on the application throughout the decision making process. Something else to consider: The premium for a life insurance policy that covers someone living in Mexico will typically be high because of that country's high crime rates. The specific area where the foreign national lives in Mexico can also make a premium even higher - especially if the area has more incidents of violent crime than other areas.

answered Jul 15, 2015 by anonymous
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