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My fiance has no license - will his history impact my insurance rates?

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asked Jul 1, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

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A Lack of a License Should Not Have a Negative Impact on Insurance
When you are considering getting married, car insurance will be one of the many items on your to-do list. You may wonder if it matters if your partner has a license or not when it comes to your insurance rates. If your fiancé doesn't have a license, this should not present a problem with your insurance because that person should not be driving at all. Your fiancé should not even be listed on your policy. As a plus, insurance companies generally give drivers a break after marriage based on statistics. Studies show that drivers who are married are less likely to be involved in accidents. While that is a generalization, the consensus is that a married person will tend to be more cautious while on the road. The same holds true if you have a family. You will tend to be more responsible and insurance companies favor responsible drivers, offering discounts that are an incentive.

When a Lack of a License Can Present a Problem
The situation will change if your fiancé lost a license due to reckless driving or breaking the law while driving. Insurance companies will consider your driving history and the driving history of your fiancé. If there is any reason to believe that your fiancé is going to drive without a license, it will put you at a major disadvantage. As a rule of thumb, do not include information about your fiancé when you are opening a new insurance policy. Unless an individual is actually going to be listed as a driver on your policy, your fiancé's personal situation is private and should not be specified to the insurance company.

Honesty is the Best Policy
If your fiancé does not have a license, you really don't need to include any information for your insurance policy. Your fiancé will only be a passenger. Once you are married, you can inform your insurance company that your marital status has changed and inquire about any discounts that are offered. If your fiancé has a negative history with driving, you do not need to share that information. However, always be honest with your insurance provider when questions arise. Remember that your driving history, age, distance that you drive, and the type of work that you do will have the greatest impact on your car insurance rates. If your fiancé does obtain a license at some point, you can discuss your options with your insurance provider to find out which is the most sensible alternative. You may save money when you are both listed on one policy or it may be more cost effective to have separate policies. Your insurance company can provide you with a quote for both options to help you make your final decision. Your fiancé's driving record will be taken into account when it is time to be added to a policy. Only when your fiancé has a license will this become an issue that can affect your insurance rates.

answered Jul 10, 2015 by anonymous
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