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Are spouses and or family members elgible to enroll in USAA insurance?

1 Answer

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The United Services Automobile Association is an insurance group that provides financial services to people and their families that have served or currently serve within the United States military. The following will take a close look at whether spouses and family members of those serving within the military are eligible to enroll in USAA insurance.

Eligibility for spouses to enroll in USAA insurance depends on several factors. For instance, any spouse of someone that is currently in the military and enrolled in USAA insurance will be eligible to enroll. This eligibility extends to widowers, widows and even former spouses of USAA members that had insurance while they were married. However, the latter is only eligible while the person remains unmarried. To that effect, any spouse of someone currently serving in the military and enrolled in USAA insurance will only be eligible to receive certain types of insurance, including life insurance, property insurance and auto insurance. As for family members, any individual whose parents have been members of USAA insurance in the past or are currently members will have the ability to enroll with USAA. Beyond these qualifications, it's not possible to enroll in USAA insurance.

answered Apr 9, 2015 by anonymous
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