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Does Aflac sell auto insurance?

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asked Aug 8, 2014 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Aflac is a supplemental insurance company that provides a specialized type of coverage for individuals and their families. Instead of offering insurance of a standard type, Aflac sells medical and disability coverage that pays for lost income and costs associated with health insurance. Aflac is not a true insurance policy, such as health, life, or liability coverage, and is generally offered through group insurance plans as a secondary, optional coverage plan.

Aflac does not provide auto insurance of any type, and does not offer supplemental coverage for auto insurance needs. What the company sells is coverage that pays for the costs associated with extended illnesses or disabilities. With an Aflac policy, you can receive income while out of work, and that income can be used for things such as paying your regular bills or providing for your family. You can think of Aflac coverage as offering minimal income while you are recovering.

Aflac coverage is typically sold in conjunction with health insurance. Even then, it is not exactly health insurance coverage, and is purchased separately from your regular health insurance coverage. You may not be able to get Aflac coverage unless you have a standard health insurance policy, but it is sold as a rider policy instead of being part of the normal medical coverage.

In auto insurance, the equivalent type of insurance rider is sold as medical costs insurance. This type of insurance will pay for your extended care and provide you with a minimal amount of income during the recuperation process. This rider is an inexpensive rider that fills a necessary gap in traditional auto insurance, and may not be available from all insurance carriers.

answered Aug 8, 2014 by anonymous
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