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Will I need to provide personal information about myself when requesting homeowners insurance quotes?

1 Answer

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Home insurance is calculated according to quite a few factors. The size, age, value and location of the home are the primary concerns, but your own personal information will account for a lot of the cost as well. Where home insurance is concerned, it is not so much a matter of whether you have to give personal information as it is a matter of how much the information will save you in the long run.

Your marital status, education level and occupation are all personal information that has an impact on your premiums. If you are married, the rates are lower than for a single person, for example. College graduates are perceived as being more responsible than a high school graduate, and some type of occupation are thought of as indicating a lower risk.

In general, the more personal information you provide the more discounts you are likely to get on the insurance. In this way, your personal information can work to your advantage rather than against you, and the savings are cumulative across all of the factors being considered.

Your past insurance history is important in the same way. Your CLUE report contains information about all of your liability claims over the last 7 years, and the more claims you file, regardless of whether the claim was for auto, home or some other type of insurance, the more your premiums will be. If you have filed too many claims, you may not be able to buy anything but high risk coverage.

Your credit score is another important personal factor. The higher your credit score, the lower your premiums will be. This is because an insurance policy is a type of financial transaction and the more responsible you have been financially, as indicated by your credit score, the less you risk you are to the insurance company.

answered Apr 7, 2014 by anonymous
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