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What can a single parent do to ensure my children's health insurance needs are covered?

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asked Oct 14, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Making sure that your children has adequate healthcare can be a financial challenge for a single mother. If you have a health insurance plan available through your employer, that is often the lowest cost method of providing adequate health care, but it may always be enough by itself.

If you are not employed or have a relatively low income, you may be able to apply for Medicare. Medicare insurance is managed on a state-by-state basis, and is usually available to those with low incomes, preexisting medical conditions, or who are unable to qualify for insurance through other means.

Even with group health plans or Medicare, your insurance may not be enough to cover all of the needs of your children. For example, prescription medications and medical accessories may not be fully covered. To account for these gaps, secondary insurance and insurance riders are available at reasonable rates. This type of supplemental insurance plan can be a financial lifesaver if your child develops serious medical conditions and needs to have specialized treatment, extended hospital stays, or expensive medical equipment.

For many single parents, getting health coverage for a child with preexisting conditions has often been difficult. Under Obamacare, group insurers will not be able to deny coverage for these conditions, and it will be much easier to add your child under the company group health plan. Additionally, as the Medical Exchanges get put into place, you will be able to shop for the lowest price coverage through a single location, picking the options you need and dropping those you do not. This aspect of the ACA was supposed to go into effect on January 1, 2014, but was recently extended to January 1, 2015. Regardless, many insurance companies have already begun accepting preexisting conditions as they transition to the new system.

answered Oct 14, 2013 by anonymous
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