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Does Aflac Sell Auto Insurance?

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Auto insurance and health insurance are two vastly different types of insurance. For your car, the type of insurance is known as property and casualty insurance, and commonly referred to generically as liability insurance. Unless you have PIP insurance or a specific insurance rider, your car insurance does not cover your own injuries at all, leaving it to your health insurance provider to pay for your treatment. Aflac is a supplemental health insurance provider, and that will require special explanation.

Auto insurance pays the medical costs of other people because you are liable, as the at fault driver, to pay for your damages. If you live in a state which uses Personal Injury Protection coverage, each driver's insurance will cover their own car, and the insurance companies will then negotiate settlements between them. In all other states, the at fault driver is responsible for all injuries, and must provide separate health coverage for himself and his immediate family members in the car.

Health insurance, including Aflac coverage, cannot be used to pay for injuries to someone not listed on the policy. It will cover your own injuries, regardless of how they are caused, but it is useless in a situation where liability is concerned. Aflac, like other health insurance companies, does not provide any type of liability coverage for you, and limits coverage to people who are expressly listed in the policy.

Where Aflac is different than a health insurance company is that Aflac pays what is commonly referred to as medical payments. If you are unable to work for a period of time because of your injuries, Aflac will pay directly to you, and you can use the money for paying any bills you need to pay, including buying groceries or transportation costs. In this way, you can still make use of Aflac coverage after a car accident. If you are unable to work, you can use the medical payments from Aflac to keep your family going until you get back on your feet. Aflac is not car insurance, but it can be used along with auto coverage.

answered Jul 25, 2013 by anonymous
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