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Is American Southern Insurance Company A Good Company?

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American Southern Insurance Company was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1937, operating under the corporate name of Southern Fire and Marine Insurance Company. In 1953, the company adopted the current name. Today, the company includes several subsidiaries, and operates under the conglomerate name, J. Mack Robinson & Family.

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Financial Rating
American Southern Insurance Company is rated, along with its sister companies, under the parent company, J. Mack Robinson & Family. The Parent company is the only one rated, and its rating is inherited by all child corporations. The A.M. Best financial ratings company last evaluated J. Mack Robinson & Family in October of 2012, when the company was rated "A" (Excellent), with a stable long-term outlook rating of "a." The company is considered to have between 25 and 50 million dollars in assets.

Customer Satisfaction
American Southern Insurance Company is a well-liked company. Their primary customers are private individuals. Since the company's founding, it has shown steady growth and experienced few financial setbacks. Unlike many smaller insurance companies, American Southern Insurance Company weathered the economic turmoil of 2007-2008, and came out intact.

Company Availability
American Southern Insurance Company provides insurance products to customers throughout the United States. Their primary customers are private individuals and business owners. To better serve their customers, American Southern Insurance Company includes 4 subsidiaries, American Safety Insurance Company, Inc., Automated Systems of Georgia, Inc., Automobile Safety Management, Inc., and Premier Adjusting & Claims Services, Inc.

Insurance Products Offered
American Southern Insurance Company provides several major lines of insurance. Their auto insurance lines include cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, ATVs, and boats. They also provide homeowners insurance and insurance for business and commercial interests.

answered Apr 8, 2013 by anonymous
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