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I have my own personal Insurance for my own car but I want to deliver Pizzas for Domino's. They have shown me their own Insurance which covers all drivers to use their own vehicle as soon as they clock on work. Is this right and will I be properly covered?

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asked Mar 12, 2013 by anonymous

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Most of the time, when you drive for a pizza company you must supply your own car and insurance. The reason for this is because insurance is based on each particular car, and it would not be possible to provide blanket coverage for every employee delivering pizzas for the company. If the company does provide insurance coverage for you, then it is a good idea to have it, but that will not be the case for most delivery jobs.

If you are using your personal car, and it is covered with a personal car insurance policy, you probably do not have enough insurance. When you are using your car for pizza delivery, you are using it for a commercial purpose that goes beyond what your personal car insurance covers. If you get into an accident, the company can simply say that you were using the car for a reason other than what it was insured for, and then you are out of luck.

Some pizza companies provide coverage for their drivers out of the money collected for pizza delivery charges. By supplying a limited insurance coverage for the drivers, the company is providing a benefit to the driver by saving them money on insurance charges. The coverage is only valid while you are working, but would protect you in the event of an accident, robbery, or other mishap while on the job.

Insurance coverage provided by your employer is a good thing, but pay close attention to the details. You may discover that the coverage only pays for a specific dollar amount, will only cover injuries to other drivers, not yourself, or some other exclusion that severely limits the coverage plan. Unless you submit information regarding your vehicle to the company, it is very unlikely that your car is being added to the company's insurance policy.

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answered Mar 12, 2013 by anonymous
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