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Is Central Mutual Insurance a Good Company?

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The Van Wert County Mutual Fire Insurance Company was founded in Van Wert, Ohio in 1876, marking the beginning of the company which would later be known as the Central Mutual Insurance Company.

Financial Rating
Central Mutual Insurance is highly rated by the A. M. Best financial ratings company. While other insurance companies have lost ratings or gone out of business in recent years, A.M. Best gives Central Mutual Insurance a rating of "A (excellent)," and a long term financial outlook of "a (stable)." As of March, 2012, the company was estimated to have assets of around 750 million dollars.

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Customer Satisfaction
Since the formation of the Purmont Brothers Insurance Agency in 1876, Central Mutual Insurance has been wholly represented by independent insurance agents. Even though the company has increased its reach beyond the small town of Van Wert, the company is still represented by Purmont Brothers and other independent agents, giving potential customers a higher degree of choice and company performance than might be expected from dedicated, single-company insurance representatives.

Company Availability
Central Mutual Insurance has enjoyed steady growth over the years. By their 25th anniversary, they had expanded to cover 6 states, and today is available through independent agents in most of the United States, with Branch offices located, in several locations, including Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia along with the original Midwestern states.

Insurance Products Offered
Central Mutual Insurance sells several lines of insurance. In private insurance, they sell auto, homeowners and auto insurance products, as well as a range of commercial and business casualty and liability insurance plans.

answered Dec 3, 2012 by anonymous
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