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Can I really get a car insurance policy for $30 a month like I see on all those ads?

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The old adage about getting what you pay for holds true for auto insurance. While you might be able to purchase a minimum package for around $30 a month, you will have to have excellent credit and driving histories, and the coverage you receive will not be sufficient if you ever have to file a major claim. To have complete protection, you will have to spend a little more, and the driver can expect the average cost of insurance to be around $100-200 a month depending on your state.

Insuring a car that is less than 5 years old is going to be almost impossible for $30 a month. If you have an excellent credit score and a safe driver history, you could probably get sufficient coverage on an older car, provided you do not elect to have comprehensive, collision, or other voluntary coverage. This would provide you with the minimum state requirements, but would not be much help if you are involved in a serious accident and found to be at fault.

In an accident which includes serious damages or injuries, a policy that only costs $30 per month is not going to be sufficient to handle the costs. In this situation, your insurance will pay out until it reaches the policy limits, and then you are responsible for the remaining costs out of pocket. Since an accident with injuries could easily surpass the limits of an average policy, a minimal policy may not even pay a majority of the bills, and that means you have to pay a lot more than if you had gotten a well-rounded car insurance policy to begin with.

Similarly, a $30 a month car insurance policy is not going to include any of the helpful extra coverages. This means that you will not have comprehensive coverage to protect your car if it is burglarized or hit while parked at the curb. You will not have collision coverage to repair your vehicle if you cause an accident. You also will not have free towing, rental car reimbursement or auto glass replacement. In short, your policy will be enough to prevent the consequences of driving without insurance, but it will not be up to the task of actually handling the costs if anything bad happens.

answered Mar 5, 2012 by anonymous
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