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How can I reduce my monthly homeowners insurance rates?

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There are a lot of variables involved in determining homeowners insurance rates, and each one is an opportunity for you to save money. Start with your credit score and your CLUE report, and work your way through a checklist of likely insurance discounts that can be applied to your coverage. You have a lot more control over what you pay for homeowners insurance than you might have understood, and you do not have sacrifice having the coverage you need to get those savings.

Your CLUE insurance report contains information about past insurance transactions. Specifically, it lets a potential insurer know how often you have filed claims, and what the amount of those claims were. Combined with your credit score, this lets an insurance company calculate the risk of insuring you, and that risk is then used to calculate what your premiums will be. Keep your credit score up, and the number of claims you file as low as possible, and you will be eligible for the lowest possible premiums.

Physical factors concerning the home will also be important in determining your premiums. The square footage of the home is important, as well as the age and materials the home is made from. Even the zip code the home is in will play a factor, because areas with higher crime rates mean higher premiums. As an example, a new block home in a safe neighborhood will have much lower rates than and older wooden home in the same neighborhood.

Look for other discounts you can qualify for. Installing deadbolt locks or burglar bars in the ground floor doors and windows will reduce the risk of insuring your home. A fence around the yard also means less of a risk, and if you have a pool, putting a fence with a self-latching gate around the pool area will net you a discount. For the best home security discount, have a security system installed that is monitored off-site around the clock.

answered Mar 5, 2012 by anonymous
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