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An AAA Membership Can Help Save You Money on Insurance

The American Automobile Association was founded to make it easier and safer for members to travel. Since the club was founded, the benefits they are able to offer their members has gone from discounts at select locations to a network of travel related savings that include fuel, lodging, and exclusive benefits such as free towing or roadside assistance. Additionally, AAA members are invited to purchase car insurance through partner companies, getting group discount pricing on top of the line auto insurance.

AAA Roadside Services

AAA roadside services for members includes free towing, flat tire repair or change, roadside fuel delivery, and more. Using the towing service alone a single time could cover most of the cost of membership, even before you take advantage of the other discounts and services available. AAA roadside coverage can help save you money on repairs once your vehicle has been towed.

AAA Car Insurance

AAA does not sell car insurance, but they have enlisted partners to help you get the best coverage at the lowest rates. AAA only partners with the best car insurance companies, taking the guesswork out of which company is good for you, and car insurance for AAA members includes discounts that are not available to other people purchasing from the same company.

AAA Health Insurance

In addition to saving you money on car insurance, AAA also provides members with access to group health insurance coverage. And because the coverage is being purchased through the group, there are fewer qualifications that have to be met, and many preexisting conditions are included.

AAA Lodging and Dining

AAA is best known for their roadside services and other travel discounts. These discounts include lodging and dining at thousands of locations around the country, as well as discounts for theme parks and other recreational activities. Additionally, AAA will be happy to help you plan your road trips, advising you of possible road congestion and saving you money at every stop along the way.