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1 Does home contents insurance cover bicycle theft?

Under normal circumstances, your personal property, including recreational equipment such as bicycles, is covered under the personal property portion of a homeowners or renters insurance policy. The problem is, your bike may not qualify for coverage if you…

2 How to go about arguing for a more reasonable depreciated value from the company since I do not have a replacement clause on the policy?

My apartment was burglarized and my imac desktop computer was stolen. The insurance agency says the computer can be replaced for $1200.00 and then they depreciated it down to 464.00, since the computer was approximately 2 years old. This seems like a ridiculous…

3 I know renter's insurance covers my possessions at home, but what about if I'm mugged or pickpocketed?

Renters insurance is a variation of homeowners insurance and is primarily designed for theft, damage, or injury within the home. This type of protection usually extends beyond the home, but the specifics of your policy will vary according to your state of…

4 My home was burglarized and I don't have receipts for some of the stolen items, what will my company accept as proof of ownership?

While having the receipts for your purchases is the preferred method of proving you owned items that have been stolen or destroyed, there are other methods that will work as well. The best idea might be to call your insurance agent and ask them what sort…

5 Will my renter's insurance cover a lost wedding ring?

Renters insurance is a special type of homeowners policy, designed specifically to include personal property and liability concerns for a tenant. If your property is covered under a renter's insurance policy, the cost of the ring will be paid to you, up to…

6 Will my renters insurance policy cover damage caused by a pet?

Before you buy a renters policy, check to see if the company you are dealing with includes pet damage as part of the normal coverage. If it does, you still need to know the specifics. If it does not, ask about adding a pet damage waiver to the policy. In…

7 Will our renter's insurance pay for lost/stolen jewelery?

The two primary purposes of renters insurance are to protect you against liability claims and to protect your personal property. Since your jewelry is part of your personal property, it is covered by a renter's insurance policy, but being covered does not…

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